Clearance & Sales

Walgreens Candy Food Clearance Popcorn .29¢ ~ Oreos .79¢ ~ Hershey Kisses .49¢

Just in time for summer break Walgreens clearance is lit with some items over 90% off!!

Run out to your local Wags stores to see which ones have these items, and if they’re on clearance at that store. There’re so many different items on clearance right now and this is just a few of them.

We found Herr’s Fire Roasted Sweet Corn Flavored Popcorn for only .29 cents!

A bag of popcorn is sitting on the table.

We also found tons of different Hershey’s Kisses for only .49 cents

Two bags of candy are sitting on a table.

These Hershey’s kisses that we found include Milk Chocolate, Rainbow Brownie, and Milklicious.

Three different types of candy on a table.

They also had limited edition Oreo Sour Patch Kids Cookies for only 79 cents, and jolly rancher gummies for only 49 cents.

Some important things to know whenever you’re clearance shopping at walgreens

* Oftentimes clearance items don’t get marked, so even if they don’t have a clearance tag, take them up to the register and ask for a price check – that is how we found many of these.

* Every Walgreens store clearances items at different times and clearance varies. One store down the road might be 90% off, and the next one over will be full price. It really all depends on each store location.

* Pay close attention to the package details, sometimes it’s as simple as a size or a design that will make all the difference when your clearance shopping

When in doubt ask for a price check. Just because something isn’t marked as clearance, doesn’t mean that it is not on clearance.