Clearance & Sales

Current Christmas Clearance Info and Markdowns by Store

There’s so many after Christmas clearance sales going around right now with many stores heavily discounting items on all kinds of products.

While these sales typically involve a lot of select holiday and seasonal items, many are versatile, and you can easily score deals on everyday things that are usable year round, including things you can gift to others throughout the year.

It’s important to note that many Christmas clearance sales have greater discounts in stores versus online, and YMMV (Your Miles May Vary), so keep that in mind when browsing websites or heading out.

Here’s the current after Christmas seasonal discounts we’re seeing at stores as of today:

  • Bath & Body Works 50-75% Off
  • CVS 50% Off
  • Hobby Lobby 90% Off
  • Kohl’s 30-70% (online is following)
  • Michaels 50-75% Off (online is following)
  • Target 90% Off Seasonal / 70% Off Seasonal Food
  • Victoria’s Secret ~ Says up to 60% Off but we’ve found some slightly higher discounts even online
  • Walgreens 50-70% Off
  • Walmart 75-90% YMMV

Remember, seasonal items aren’t always obviously seasonal, which makes them perfect for using and gifting throughout the year. And you’ll likely find most of the deep discounts listed above IN STORE, since online prices are usually higher.

Again, these discount percentages apply to select products and sale pricing can vary by location!! So get your shoes on and go shopping!